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Info-Small Claims Case Service

The Info-Small Claims Case service is offered to all persons whose case is contested at the Small Claims Division since May 13, 2021. Its goal is to provide people with information, support and guidance about the legal dimensions of their conflict and the procedures related to the Small Claims Division. This service will also give you the opportunity to consider and, if desired, prepare for mediation.


This service is offered to persons whose case is contested at the Small Claims Division only.

All individuals eligible for this service are automatically contacted by the Community Justice Center’s team.

With a consultation you will :

  • receive legal information relevant to your situation
  • be in an environment where you will be heard, and receive support and referrals to appropriate resources
  • get information about mediation and the possibility to evaluate, with the support of a professional, if this is an appropriate option for you
  • obtain support to help you prepare for mediation, if desired

If you choose to go to mediation, the Community Justice Center’s team will also be able to assign a mediator directly to your case. If you need legal information about the Small Claims Division but do not have a contested file at this court, contact your local CJC to get a personalized and free legal information consultation.



The creation of the Info-Small Claims Case service is a continuation of the Ministry of Justice’s   pre-mediation Program for small claims matters carried out in partnership with the Community Justice Centres (CJC).

Initially named “Small claims pre-mediation Service”, the program aims to inform and help people whose case is contested at this court about small claims mediation, a way of preventing and settling disputes that contributes to better access to justice.

Building on the achievements and success of the first year of this program and in conjunction with the recognized legal information expertise of the CJCs, the Small claims pre-mediation Service becomes, starting March 2022, the Info-Small Claims Case service.

NOTICE: Our services will help you understand the legal implications of your situation and the options available to you, but are not intended to provide legal advice or opinions. Thus, we cannot advise you on the actions to take or on the option you should choose, or even give you an opinion on your chances of success.

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