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The Mission of the Laval-Laurentides-Lanaudière (LLL-CJC) Community Justice Center is to promote access to justice by fostering Dispute prevention and resolution (DPR) processes and offer premediation, preparation for mediation as well as information services.

The Centre de justice de proximité de Laval-Laurentides-Lanaudière (CJP-LLL) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote access to justice by fostering citizen participation through free legal information services, support and referrals to existing resources.

The CJP-LLL initially stood apart from the other Centres by exclusively offering services in Info-Separation and Info-Small Claims Case Service when it was created in 2021. Since October 2022, the Centre now offers legal information in various areas of law as the other CJP.

The CJP-LLL takes a personalized approach based on participatory justice. This approach is based on welcoming and exploring the needs and interests of citizens. Its aim is to provide citizens with information to be prepared to make an informed decision.

The CJP-LLL is a hub of information on dispute prevention and resolution (DPR) which aims to explain such dispute resolutions as mediation, negotiation, amicable settlement conference, etc. It also aims to create innovative tools to better understand and address DPR.

The CJP-LLL shares the same values as the other Centres in addition to fostering a human approach based on listening, collaboration and the belief in people’s ability to make learned decisions.



This service is to inform you of the legal aspects of your situation to help you better consider the future. To have a meeting with a lawyer, your questions must be covered by the admissible areas of rights. Complete the following form to receive an appointment and a response will be sent to you as soon as possible:  FILL THE FORM HERE


– Patent;

– Laws and regulations of another province or country;

– All appeals (Supreme Court of Canada, Court of Appeal, Superior Court, Court of Québec, etc.);

– Injunctions, contempt of court and judicial review;

– Bankruptcy;

– Tax law;

– Immigration law;

– Corporate law/business start-up;

– Criminal law;

– Intellectual property;

– Class actions;

– International law;

– Labor law;

– Professional law.


This service is to inform you of the legal aspects of your separation to help you better consider the future. This service can be a starting point for people who are separating.

This is a free service offered to those separating or separated, married or not, with or without common dependent children. You can contact us at any time during your separation or following your separation.

You can make an appointment online by clicking on the lawyer of your choice. Please note that each lawyer has a different schedule and that you must access their calendar to see their availability. 

Me Mélanie Demers
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Me Jacques-Alexandre Le Bail
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Me Lara Gagnon
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Me Flavie Masson
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Me Audrey-Paule Ledoux
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Me Olivier Grégoire

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You can also make an appointment by calling: 450 990-8071, ext. 1.


This service is to help citizens who have a file before the Small Claims Division. There are 2 conditions to qualify for this service:

  1. your application is contested
  2. your application has been filed since May 13, 2021

All qualified persons are automatically contacted by their Community Justice Centre.

This is a free service which aims to provide qualified citizens with information, support and guidance about the legal dimensions of their conflict and the procedures related to the Small Claims Division. This service will also give you the opportunity to consider and, if desired, prepare for mediation.


This service is to enable people from 2SLGBTQIA+ communities and their loved ones to have access to legal information in an open, inclusive space that is sensitive to their realities and their experiences.

This service is free and informs you about the legal aspects of your situation regardless of the area of law. Thanks to a trained team made up of lawyers and psychosocial workers to support people of sexual diversity and the plurality of genders, continuous and specialized support will be offered throughout the legal steps you wish to take.

You can make an appointment by calling: 450 990-8071, ext. 4.

For all our SERVICES

In particular, our legal information team can:

offer individual meetings and

  • Help you understand your legal reality by providing you with appropriate general legal information;
  • Listen, support and direct you to appropriate resources according to your needs;
  • Inform you of various options given your situation to help you make informed decisions;
  • Explain dispute resolution and prevention methods such as negotiation, mediation, amicable settlement conference, etc., and the preparation of, if necessary;
  • Explain mediation and assess if it is the right process for you;
  • Provide you the tools to prepare for mediation and search for a family mediator and, in small claims mediation, make a request to assign a mediator.

However, they cannot:

  • Provide you with information on subjects unrelated to our services;
  • Give you legal advice or determine your chances of success;
  • Fill out forms, legal or Court documents for you;
  • Tell you what to say in Court;
  • Represent you in Court or in any kind of tribunal or organization;
  • Make a decision for you.

Areas served


The following municipalities:

  • D’Autray
  • Joliette
  • L’Assomption
  • Les Moulins
  • Matawinie
  • Montcalm


The following municipalities:

  • Antoine-Labelle
  • Argenteuil
  • Deux-Montagnes
  • La-Rivière-Du-Nord
  • Les Laurentides
  • Les Pays-D’en-Haut
  • Mirabel
  • Thérèse-De-Blainville


  • Ville de Laval


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