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Greater Montreal

The Greater Montreal Community Justice Center is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote access to justice by fostering the participation of citizens through legal information, support and referral services provided in addition to existing resources.

Your visit to the Center :

What to expect from a visit to the Center? :

The Center is a free legal clinic and no appointment is required :

  • we provide legal information with regard to your legal questions to help you make informed decisions;
  • we can help you better understand the judicial system, identify your different options and procedures;
  • we can help you get additional support through specialized resources such as a government agency, a community or non-profit organization, a legal adviser or a mediation center.

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Who can come to the Center? :

Our services are offered to citizens of Montreal and are available in person or by phone.
To get a call back from a lawyer for legal information, you can leave us a message on our voicemail at 514-227-3782 (option 4) and specify : 

  • First name, last name
  • Phone number
  • City of residence
  • Availabilities
  • Reason of the call 

* Please note that the opposing party in your case can also benefit from these services.

What type of questions may one ask? :

We are generalists. We deal with questions regarding everyday life situations :

  • How to cancel child support?;
  • How does the repossession of a dwelling work?
  • How to execute my judgment?
  • I bought a used car that no longer works. What are the seller’s obligations?
  • Etc.

We do not answer questions that require specialized knowledge :

  • patent;
  • laws and regulations of another province or country.

We have limited knowledge in certain areas of law :

  • All appeals (Supreme Court of Canada, Cour of Appeal, Superior Court, Court of Québec etc.);
  • Injunction, contempt of court and judicial review;
  • Bankruptcy;
  • Tax law;
  • Immigration;
  • Corporate law / Business start-up;
  • Criminal and penal law;
  • Youth protection;
  • Intellectual property;
  • Class actions;
  • International law.

What we do not do?

We do not provide legal advice :

  • We do not develop strategies for you;
  • We do not assess your chances of success and we do not comment on the value of your evidence;
  • We do not write formal demand letters, motions, etc.;
  • We do not review any of your documents;
  • We do not provide representation in court;
  • We do not take the decisions for you.

How should one prepare for a visit at the Center?

Bring a piece of identification. Prepare your questions in advance. List and bring all the relevant documents to facilitate understanding of your file :

Examples : A judgment | A contract | A letter of dismissal | Etc.

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Our activities

Our legal information sessions (in French only)

The Center also holds free legal information sessions on matters of a legal nature.

Examples :
  • Small claims court
  • Wills
  • Common-law spouses
  • Mandate in case of incapacity
  • Divorce
  • Formal demand letters (mise en demeure)
  • And more!

A member of our team in your organization

You would like a lawyer from the Center to give a legal information session or workshop in your organization?

For more information, contact us!


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