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Gaspé Peninsula-Magdalen Islands

The Gaspé Peninsula – Magdalen Islands Community Justice Center (GPMICJC) offers free legal information, support and referral services to established organizations and professionals in the area, regardless of your income or nature of the legal problem.

Our center

We recognize that all individuals have the ability to take charge of their situation and we believe in their potential to make the decisions that are best suited to their needs.

Our core values are respect, empathy, open-mindedness and impartiality.

Please be assured that are our services are professional, courteous and confidential.

Our services

Who can come to the Center? Any resident of the Gaspe Peninsula and Magdalen Islands, regardless of their age or income.

The Center can :

  • Target your needs and answer your legal-related questions;
  • Provide you with legal information to help you make enlightened decisions and be properly oriented in the judicial system;
  • Help you get additional support through specialized resources such as, but not limited to, community organizations, legal and non-legal professionals or governmental organizations;
  • Put at your disposal a broad range of brochures and materials from public, private and communitarian organizations;
  • Help you find the right form or legal document and explain it to you;
  • Inform you about the various private dispute prevention and resolution processes, and the conduct of proceedings in Court.

The Center cannot :

  • Give you legal advice or opinion;
  • Fill out forms, legal documents for you or with you (e.g. demand letter, motions, wills, mandates in case of incapacity, etc.);
  • Tell you what to say in Court or in any kind of tribunal or organization;
  • Represent you in Court or in any kind of tribunal or organization;
  • Make any decision for you.

The jurists at the Center offer legal information, support and referral services, but they cannot give legal advice or legal opinion.
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Covered areas

  • Avignon Regional county municipalities;
  • Bonaventure Regional county municipalities;
  • Côte-de-Gaspé Regional county municipalities;
  • Haute-Gaspésie Regional county municipalities;
  • Rocher-Percé Regional county municipalities;
  • Magdalen Islands.


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Our activities

Our free information sessions

The Center offers legal information sessions to the population on any legal-related topic

Examples :
  • Small Claims Division
  • Wills
  • Successions
  • Hunting Laws and Regulations
  • Common law spouses
  • Neighbourhood Disturbances
  • Consumer Protection
  • And much more!

A member of our team in your organization

You would like a lawyer from the Center to give a legal information session or workshop in your organization, free of charges?

For more information, contact us!

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