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The Côte-Nord Community Justice Center’s mission is to enable access to justice by fostering the participation of citizens through legal information, support and referral services provided in addition to existing resources.

Our Center

The Côte-Nord Community Justice Center (CNCJC) has been created in order to provide an accessible gateway on the judicial system. By providing a unique and personalized service, the Center’s staff strives to ensure that individuals feel supported in their legal issues.

It is also a hub of information on the various dispute prevention and resolution processes (ex. mediation), and it reaches out to citizens by creating innovative tools so they can discover these alternatives and better understand them.

Be assured that you will receive professional, courteous and confidential services based on active feedback and that you will be better equipped to make the choices best suited to your needs.

Our services

In particular, our legal information team can :

  • welcome you to its facilities, answer your questions and target your needs;
  • informs you on the law in order to help you make better decisions;
  • steer you towards specialized resources like governmental agencies or community organisations, a law professional or a mediator;
  • put at your disposal a broad range of brochures and materials from public, private and communitarian organizations;
  • help you find the right form or legal document and explain it to you;
  • inform you about the various private dispute prevention and resolution processes, and the conduct of proceedings in Court.

However, they cannot :

  • give you legal advice or opinion;
  • fill out forms, legal documents for you or with you;
  • tell you what to say in Court;
  • represent you in Court or in any kind of tribunal or organization;
  • make any decision for you.

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Covered areas

The region of Côte-Nord :

  • Caniapiscau RCM
  • Haute Côte-Nord RCM
  • Golfe St-Laurent RCM
  • Manicouagan RCM
  • Minganie RCM
  • Sept-Rivières RCM


Our activities

Our free information sessions

The Center also offers free legal information sessions on many topics of everyday life

Examples :
  • Small claims
  • Child custody and support
  • Labour standards
  • Consumer protection
  • Wills
  • Mandate in case of incapacity
  • Succession
  • And more !

A member of our team in your organization

You would like a lawyer from the Center to give a legal information session or workshop in your organization?

For more information, contact us!

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