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The Centre-du-Québec Community Justice Center’s mission is to facilitate access to justice by promoting citizen participation, through free legal information, support and orientation services, offered in complementarity with existing resources.


The Centre-du-Québec Community Justice Center aims to provide an accessible and human gateway to the judicial system. Thus, the CJPCDQ staff aspires to make citizens feel supported and supported when they experience a situation involving legal aspects, by offering them a unique and personalized information service.

It also constitutes an information hub on methods of preventing and resolving disputes (e.g. mediation), aiming to introduce citizens to these options and aiming to create innovative tools to better understand and address them. .

Rest assured that you will receive a professional, courteous and confidential service, focused on listening and which will allow you to be better equipped to make a choice adapted to your needs.



  • welcomes you to its premises, answers your questions and targets your needs;
  • gives you legal information to help you make informed decisions;
  • informs you about the different ways to resolve your conflicts without going to court, such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration;
  • directs you to specialized resources such as a government or community organization, a legal professional or a mediator;
  • offers you free information sessions on legal or justice-related topics.


  • give you legal advice, determine your chances of success;
  • complete legal or court forms, documents or documents for you;
  • dictate to you what to say in court;
  • represent you in court or before organizations;
  • make decisions for you.


  • The Centre-du-Québec region
  • MRC Arthabaska
  • MRC Bécancour
  • MRC Drummond
  • MRC l’Érable
  • MRC Nicolet-Yamaska


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