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Legal information, support and referrals

Legal information

Inform you about your rights and obligations so you can better understand the various legal situations you may face in everyday life and make informed decisions, using either the judicial system or private dispute prevention and resolution processes.


Support you by helping you in the identification of your legal needs and the options available to address them, as well as by offering free legal information sessions in the community.


Refer you to available legal resources related to the legal system or the community, so you can choose the service that best suits your needs.

Premediation and conflict resolution

Provide you with information, tools and support in your efforts to resolve your conflict through means other than the court system. Our premediation services allow you to learn more about family or Small Claims mediation and to prepare yourself for it. Our website, (offered only in French), will help inform you and choose the appropriate way to resolve your conflict.

The legal information given in the Centers covers all areas of the law.

We can give you the appropriate legal information with regard to the matter you are faced with. However we cannot provide you with a legal opinion or legal advice.

  • Family
  • Consumer Protection
  • Successions and Wills
  • Small Claims
  • Housing
  • Labour
  • Criminal law
  • And more

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Dynamic projects to promote access to justice

In our offices

The Centers offer free workshops and information sessions in their offices, on a variety of subjects of a legal nature that you may face in everyday life.

In the media

The Centers provide you with information about your rights and obligations through chronicles and columns published and broadcasted in various media, such as local newspapers, the television and the radio.

In your organizations

The Centers offer the organizations located in their regions to come to their offices to give free information sessions or workshops to their employees, members or users, on specific legal topics.

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